Sage’s Time


I watch images of my looking back,

My tired life of this and then of that,

Listening to my life’s own soundtrack,

Awaiting a song, ne’er to arrive at.


I do find myself naked and ashamed,

Seized by the world’s ceaseless brutality,

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April Madness V


Half past midnight,

In a mood lit street,

We are sleeping alone,

Red velvet leaking from your heart;

A blanket To keep us warm.


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April Madness IV


As we watch the cloudburst,

Upon the edge of shine,

It’s movements unrehearsed,

As it’s rain does enshrine.


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April Madness I

The Deanery

Your breath of stale tobacco,

And mine of a sour red wine,

My floor show of cheap Bordeaux,

And yours of old man’s decline.


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