May Madness

Insatiable desires,
Where many a soul have drowned,
Charmed by the hunter’s fires,
As his beast, so tightly bound.
With scenes of the grey in life,
The disillusioned riot,
The arbitrary is rife,
As they do feed the disquiet.
Lavender scents do stain,
Reminiscent of you,
With a sense that remains,
Long after you pass through.
Chance Encounters

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April Madness V


Half past midnight,

In a mood lit street,

We are sleeping alone,

Red velvet leaking from your heart;

A blanket To keep us warm.


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April Madness IV


As we watch the cloudburst,

Upon the edge of shine,

It’s movements unrehearsed,

As it’s rain does enshrine.


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April Madness I

The Deanery

Your breath of stale tobacco,

And mine of a sour red wine,

My floor show of cheap Bordeaux,

And yours of old man’s decline.


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