Fear of Death

There are many reasons people fear death. There are many consolations that one can take, other than the popular mainstay of organised religion. I am not going to discuss religion here, but rather the wisdom and ideas of ancient philosophers: Plato, the Stoics and Epicurus. It is interesting to explore differing views on death, to attempt to gain a better understanding for yourself personally.

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Work, Leisure and a Good Life

There are many interpretations on what can be done in order to lead a good life.We may be miserable because we have been raised by society to believe work to be a moral virtue, instead of leisure. Once upon a time, Aristotelian time, it was a very different picture.

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An old journal entry of mine (18/12/2012) explores, rather mournfully, if there are defining moments in one’s life. To (painfully) quote;

 “Deep in the abyss it seems that no matter how much one persues and analyses the past, not a single defining moment can be found. Was it this, or that? Then, or there? So, you are at a loss. At which point did it all go wrong? Was it the decisions made? People met? People lost? Were those moments of self-discovery, perhaps ill-timed? Ghosts, voices that will not fade, and scars that will not heal haunt us all. “

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Contented Progress

Guest writer David J Campbell. He an be contacted on Twitter @founderjesaurai

I want to propose an idea that can make us contented (happy), imaginative, and progressive.

Some may say contentment with what we have, and imaginative progress, are not contradictory. But how could we possibly be happy with what we have and still want to imagine and create a better future?

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