a sea with no beginning

grey days

a bored world

scratches on the vinyl

fingers laced

if I could…

as though in love


(the only thing I liked

was the music)


a naked wind

the Sun dawns spectacular

with the subjugation of the day

and I’m really very sorry…

acquainted with grief

and the loss of innocence


(the only thing I liked

was the conflict)


the poet’s lament

themeless and nowhere

a cascade of crimson

cumulus building

we fugitives of consequence

in this pestilence

such a calamity

in hunger’s tide


(the only thing I liked

was the distraction)


threading time

this immortality is a gift

with pillars of salt

and malarial shivers

should the stars dim their glow?

and so the artist snapped his brush

in variations of mercy

listening to flowers of no perfume

in the anxiety to please


(the only thing I liked

was the Valium)

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