Presently I am all here and present,

But in some regards oh so far away,

Keen and avid noses can smell the scent,

But weary eyes cannot see the bouquet.


So ensnared in the labyrinth of my mind,

Seeking and revealing inner doorways,

My thoughts are so tangled and so entwined,

As I journey into the dreamy blaze.


And now scarping at the very bottom,

In desperate search of a sense of soul,

On my knees begging for it to blossom,

But, not a thing, it is a pointless toll.


Falling in the pit of darkest black,

Here is hiding the very worst of me,

Time reduces, and no! I beg and plea,

Oh brave savior! I am already free.


When it ends I am alone, and so leapt,

My being falling at a constant pace,

Chasing the thunders for whom I had wept,

As the ground I can finally embrace.

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