Hush your words, lest you lead me astray,

The dictionary repeats over me,

As we do write the same words on our way,

To complete what others will never see.

A symphony of corresponding notes,

A familiar tune of the wedded,

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Muses in Love


And as clichéd as these muses in love,

The aching sun sighs and lays down it’s light,

And we feast on the fat and swollen dove,

Until all our hope fades into the night.

Arching chords of a music so long lost,

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April Madness V


Half past midnight,

In a mood lit street,

We are sleeping alone,

Red velvet leaking from your heart;

A blanket To keep us warm.


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April Madness IV


As we watch the cloudburst,

Upon the edge of shine,

It’s movements unrehearsed,

As it’s rain does enshrine.


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