Young eyes spy the past in a modern square,
A quest to find and behold beauty,
Vestal Virgins painted white and fair,
An artful hunt becomes my life’s duty.


With the luminosity of the known,
It reminds me of travels north bound,
First flutters with life unsure and alone,
And how many perceptions can be found.


And so behind a curtain of intrigue,
Far and near – vestiges of the devil,
Whilst the group of women talk so discreet,
Their beauty my youth did seek to revel.


Alas, the certain darkness does linger,
Hidden or imposing forbidden fruits,
Out of reach of each delicate finger,
By far their most sinful of attributes.


Perhaps there is their peeping, old father,
He shaded red rather then the devil,
With pockets of lustfulness to smother,
All purity scorned to the lowest level.


And yet still I seek and I do wonder,
I seek the atlas across the swift breeze,
Vague memories pass by loud as thunder,
And I am left with a child to appease.


Bargain Books

As I was found in the bargain books bin, With my blank pages written in the dust, Expressing the depth you lost in the din.   And the drab cashier did give a dry grin, Eyes that drew images of raw distrust, As I was found in the bargain books bin.   My cover worn […]

Ode to a Stranger

Standing roadside on a bustling street, I spy you from a green car, Would you much rather be elsewhere? So unaware of where to go next, Do you lack my set destination? To me you are a drifter, a solitary figure. Drab and grey, the clouds are envious, Weighed down by shopping and sharp despair, […]

Experimental Journey I (The Scarecrow)

A figure masked by cloth and camphor fumes, In all the gloom devours unforeseen louse, All clocks and time dissolve to winds of plumes. Poor child alone with mind ever more in tombs, An umbrella for leg and no school house, A figure masked by cloth and camphor fumes. Toward the starving grace that is […]

The Statue

Solid masses of raw dreams,
And Midas made me a God,
As I fell through gilded pages.
And gold cascades down in streams,
Applause and the people awed,
‘Twas the swift work of mages.

The Waves

  A small child leaving footprints in the sand, Carelessly willing and wishing to hear, The sweet inviting sounds of the sea’s band, So the fates hold a cone shell to her ear.   And hearing the music of the water, Such a fierce impulse, wanting to embrace, An urge to become the Wave’s own […]

Once more

Once more, I take my rum upon the floor. A handsome fellow could not putt for skills How flouncing scholars force our state of war.   False virtue lures a cross, vast empty mores A wail of flaming pride ignores the frills Once more, I take my rum upon the floor.   Forget your sombre […]


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