She. Or a Brief Critique of Modern Feminism

In the shelling of equality perhaps she should take shelter under the umbrella of humanism. Except no, that will not do. She is not a religious zealot. Narcissistic, she knelt before the camera. Her resume pointed to her eagerness for such a position of authority. But her responsibility to her brother, how she dismissed him! Cast aside his burdens to garner sympathy for her own! In her hubris she banished her sister to a deep grave. For the eroding breath of the golden sphinx shows a lack of kinship. Nevertheless she pleaded with her father to grant her parity by force. She ne’er laid a finger on the architecture of her present. Forgotten was respect of the self in favour of the love of her father. Ignored was her cousin sneaking through the legs of the sphinx and the father and weaving golden threads.

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