Taking photographs of the sun,

On an autumn day,

Blinding as a farewell,

Thought little & indescribable,

As you leave me alone,

With a fading day.




As we bade farewell,

To mortality & ashen worms,

Finding solace in the light of Venus,

Neither planet nor star to we;

Beacon within the oblivion.




Tangled in such unmade webs,

The confusion weaves new eyes,

For clarity, as fear ebbs,

It’s lattice leaves one wise.
Fool’s Gold


Deceiving, superficial,

Values that cannot be sold,

Your love is unofficial,

Digging deep for your fool’s gold.




Feeling my eyes deepening,

And with dreams so glorious,

I fear my awakening,

When embracing Morpheus.




Denying the very high truth,

Clanging for repulsive profit,

Denying a child’s joyful youth;

Paradoxes in a prophet.



And that which makes you loveable,

Also makes you untouchable.

To my reach,

I beseech.




And so she hesitated,

Pen poised above the paper;

Would anyone read her head?

As she breathed in the vapour.



And in the highest vault,

Lies slumbering secrets,

Hidden from the world’s fault,

Ashamed of their meekness.


Warning Shot


I fire my warning shot,

Across the great vast land,

With the words I begot,

And the blood on my hands.




Drunk on nebulous ideals,

A mind closed to just sense,

Stranded on that which appeals,

At mankind’s petty expense.




Kisses uncountable in their frenzy,

Infinite as the sky’s reach;


as my heart lays still

for this moment.




Blinded by a fog,

As your words sail by,

Restrained like a dog,

Unable to reply.




My fortitude eternal,

With a goblet of your tears,

My scars hide internal,

Deaf to your lies and fears

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